When Errands Go A-Rye

Hello and happy Friday! I've been keeping busy on my day off, mostly running painfully boring errands. Whenever my tasks are boring I seem to find myself looking for excuses to eat, hence avoiding said tasks. My excuse today came in the form of Port Chester's Kneaded Bread. Whatever, the post office will be there tomorrow.

A long time Westchester fixture, Kneaded Bread can be considered one of the county's carb experts. The expansive space is large enough to make everything from salads to cupcakes on the premises as well as seat thirty some odd patrons. Their front counter has beautifully crafted loaves of rye, ciabatta, and pumpkin (just to name a few) on display. The refrigerated case contains various pre-made sandwiches, the most popular being the tuna salad on multi-grain. Ten a.m. was a little early for tuna so I'll take their word for it. 

As good as the bread looked I was here for the sweet stuff. Trays of funnel shaped macaroons, plates crammed with glazed sticky buns, and piles of flaky cheese danish made for some particularly hard decision making. Actually, I'm not sure how I managed to walk out with just one item. Probably because it was a weekday. According to the employee I spoke with the best day to come is Saturday; it's the only day they have freshly baked donuts. Rats.

And let's just talk about this cheese danish real quick. There was an ample amount of dense cheese filling wrapped in layers of golden, flaky crust. And not the uber flaky kind either. A soft bite and a gentle crumble meant there was little evidence I even ate this guy in under a minute.

Kneaded Bread is just that: needed. I don't mind the occasional gluten-free dish but places like this make me appreciate all things wheat. Like their macaroons, this post is  short, sweet, and to the point. Until the next dish, ciao!