Vacation Recap

Coming home from this vacation was tough. I hadn't posted in two weeks, I realized I didn't get to post as much as I wanted this summer, and there was barely anything to eat in the fridge upon my return. I probably should have just stayed on vacation. I found some new eats in the Westerly area that definitely would have made my stay worth it.

Coastal Rhode Island is dotted with farm stands that burst with fresh fruit pies and bushels of vegetables. Of these, Pelloni Farms is the one I want go back to again and again. Vegetables and pies aside, there are delectable over sized pastries, roughly a dozen ice creams and my favorite jams ever. I prefer their raspberry but apparently so does the rest of Rhode Island because they were fresh out. Instead, I went with the Berry Patch mix of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry; no room for disappointment there. The only disappointing thing? I was foolish enough to only buy one.

When it came for dinner we had our usual suspects but for some reason I never made it to one: The Sea Goose. Its sister restaurant, The Cooked Goose, has my favorite Eggs Benny of all time so how could it not be good? 

The interior is tastefully decorated in a tones of blue with subtle marine decor and polished wood. Sort of like your grandfather's home office might be if he was a retired captain. The extensive drink menu put us off to a good start (a semi sweet and refreshing blood orange basil cocktail would be my suggestion after day of sun) as did the mildly spicy calamari that was so good I was eating tentacles. I DON'T EAT TENTACLES.

My parents ordered the halibut special, which I could tell by one bite alone that it was in fact special. The briny olive and thick flakes of fish is what fresh fish aspires to be. My sister's surf and turf resulted in an extra side of scampi sauce and a clean plate. I went with the flounder in brown butter sauce; not plain ol' butter but brown butter. Let me tell you something, I've had a lot of flounder in butter/lemon/breaded/etc. This is my favorite flounder dish to date. It was dripping in the butter sauce (it's vacation) and was broiled to perfection. It may be the only way I can have flounder now. Overall, not a bad dish in the house. Really though, even dessert was win with the perfect farm fresh peach pie.

The last of the new places isn't new at all. It's probably been there as long as we have been vacationing. It's an unassuming corner building that I didn't even think had a name. Turns out it's called Beach Bums. They serve coffee and simple breakfast and, as it turns out, my new favorite ice cream. They called it Deer Tracks: coffee ice cream with everything chocolate covered rolled on in. There were nuts in there somewhere, maybe some cookie. Just. Plain. Good.

Volleyball season fast approaches as does the new school year so I apologize in advance but I will do my best to keep up here. I have a list of at least three cookie varieties I'd like to bake but no central AC + 92 degrees = no oven until further notice. Stay tuned though for some low/no heat dishes! Until the next dish, ciao!