Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Vine

I don't know about you but the last thing I need right now is one more post on stuffing. I'd like to look ahead at what I'm going to eat after the three day supply of leftovers is gone. More specifically, how the heck I'm going to detox my diet. If you too find yourself in need of a delicious, health conscious meal may I suggest Rosemary and Vine in Rye, NY. 

Having opened over the summer Rosemary and Vine is finally beginning to pick up steam. It's unlike anything else in the area and, quite honestly, we could use more places like this. A modern Mediterranean flair is incorporated into the sunny corner space; the gorgeously tiled floor is quite visible below the handful of farm style tables. 

As for cuisine, it's primarily a vegetarian/vegan menu and there are definitely gluten free items abound as well. Except the pita. There's a lot of pita, but hey, they may have a gluten free one. With flexible hours (11am-9pm) there's no reason not to stop by. You can select your items to stay or to go; I got a sampling of plates to share with friends over a bottle of red at my place. We started with mouhamara, a thick roasted red pepper and walnut dip, which was my personal favorite. The rosemary potatoes were browned and savory, a nice juxtaposition with the tangy vegetable slaw. I ordered a falafel plate (the falafel are small but potent), which gave us a total of six and some additional toppings. I wanted to get the lentil ragout but decided to save it for another time. Instead, I kept with the small plates and ordered a bit of cauliflower with a pleasant twist of capers and grapes.

The portions were small but this is not food to gorge on. It's made to be eaten in small bites and savored. My five plates cost roughly thirty two dollars, it's a win for your wallet and your taste buds. If you're looking to restore some balance to your diet between holiday meals Rosemary and Vine is the place to go. Have a very happy Thanksgiving, there's a lot to be grateful for! Until the next dish, ciao!