Back Pocket Bites

Welcome to the new page for NY Girl Can Eat! Make sure you're following on Twitter and Instagram @nygirlcaneat. Now that the necessary tweaks and edits have been made I can post some details about this weekend's eats. From Mount Kisco to Lancaster, creamy to charred, there was something for every palate. 

Friday night brought the end of another work week and new menu my way. This time it came from a tasty trio in Mount Kisco, New York; Little Crepe Street, Little Kebab Station and Little Spice Bazaar. Little Crepe Street has a tiny brick interior lined with wicker chairs and Parisian vignette, bicycle included, adorning the wall. The setting makes parties over four cramped but good service, a range of dishes, and BYOB help redeem the tight quarters. 

While they are separate fronts, both the crepe menu and kebab menu are offered in each location, which satisfies any craving diners may have. My Chicken Tikka (standard when I try any new Indian establishment) was electric orange and a deliciously comforting bite but missing the depth that I longed for. OK, that's not entirely fair; the bar was set relatively high with the dishes I sampled in London and I've yet to find something as fulfilling since.

It wouldn't be a good girls night without dessert so we ordered one of these bad boys,

A doughy crepe with an ample amount of banana creme filling made for a good night cap.  If I find myself in town you can bet your brulee I'll be having a forkful of this.

Saturday arrived a little sooner than my stomach may have liked but after a long drive, new volleyball gear and non stop laughter, two girlfriends and I found ourselves in the heart of Lancaster, PA. As the only one to have been there before, I suggested The Pressroom for a late lunch. Lancaster is still very much a college city so it definitely has the lunch thing down. Don't believe me? Check out Dip Co and Iron Hill Brewery. Options abound, The Pressroom had a delightful (or my girlfriend says) vegan spaghetti and falafel meatball dish. The hearty burgers were ready to be customized and were referred to as "Gonzo" burgers for their mix of meats. The kicker? Pork belly. Now that's a first.

All in all, the meals were enjoyable and proved once again that good food can be found in the corner of any menu. Until the next dish, ciao!