De-Cider-ing Factors


It's another snow day down in my cozy corner of New York! To see what I've been baking (read: keeping my sanity) make sure you check out my Facebook page. I promise it won't disappoint but no guarantee that you'll stop salivating any time soon over the marvelous makings in my kitchen. Want a hint? Starts with "C", ends with "ookies". I wanted to share a quick post with you about a new beverage I discovered this weekend at Big Brew NY. It was a fantastic event; I got to try old favorites (Lagunitas, Southern Tier, the list is endless), quirky batches (Left Hand Pro Am Jalapeno Cream, for instance) and a brand spanking new beverage: I introduce to you, Awestruck (Gravity) Hibiscus Ginger Cider.

Awestruck Hibiscus Ginger

First things first, these are not my pictures, the photo credit can be found here. If I snapped pictures of every label I tried my phone would probably have a hangover. Anyway, Awestruck Hibiscus Cider. Flamingo pink, rippling with exotic hibiscus notes and a zing of ginger, it's the only thing I want to drink between April and forever. The problem? They're not found anywhere in a 50 mile radius of me. At least right now. They're currently based in Walton, NY but my fingers are crossed that they'll make their way south soon. VERY soon. If you see this anywhere near you make sure you try it. Promise me you will. Look, even the guys with us enjoyed it. They might not admit it but they did. Keep an eye out and remember, you heard about it here first!

Until the next dish, ciao!