All Terrain Eats

Well helloooooo there! I'm still here, it feels more like I've been everywhere else, but yeah, I'm here. Today I share with you this gem in Westport, Connecticut. It all starts with fifteen year old me falling in love with Anthropologie. The unique, eclectic design and delicate but cozy materials were everything I ever wanted in my sundresses and cardigans. Then I discovered BHLDN. Not that I need it any time soon but, WOW, I'd get married over and over just to wear these gorgeous frocks. When I thought it couldn't get any better I found the topic of today's post: Terrain.

Terrain is Anthropologie's garden store with only two brick and mortar locations: one in Pennsylvania and the other only a skip away from me in Westport, Connecticut. It has been open for a few years but since I wasn't really the gardener I never investigated. NO ONE TOLD ME THEY HAD BRUNCH. Guys, they have a cafe in the middle of the store. Walking in to the dining area is like walking into the greenhouse/porch that your really cool friend from Tuscany set up in her New York pied-a-terre.  I mean look at it,

The rest of the store is pretty stunning too, check out the pictures below.

Besides being surrounded by ferns, succulents and ivy (oh, my!) you get to enjoy some quality eats. I've been here twice now and the first time I got suckered into the French toast with fresh berries and I was not disappointed. Two thick slices of brioche, a mound of fresh berries and super fresh whipped cream definitely was the right choice. That is, until I saw the burger my friend got. I vowed to got back a second time, which I did, this time with my parents.

Somehow, the goat cheese omlette tempted my tastebuds to the point of no return. And it was glorious. A truly fluffy, eggy, omlette, stuffed simply with goat cheese and various fresh picked herbs. Flecks of thyme and basil made each bite adventuresome. Thankfully one person in my party got the burger: my father. Served on a slab of wood with a generous side of crispy rosemary fries, the juicy burger was quickly scooped up by the bear paws pictured below.

Now, those bear paws know their way around a good burger and between the facial reactions and the speed at which said burger was consumed means Papa Bear was impressed. 

If you find yourself with a Saturday to spare, head to Terrain Cafe and take in both the flowering and edible beauty that surrounds you. And if you're anything like me you'll take home a succulent or five as well. Until the next dish, ciao!