Made Good Granola Snacks

So, it's June. Did anyone else realize that? School ends in a mere four days and then I am off to South America to chaperon dozens of fourteen year olds for ten days. 

Sorry, did I not mention that until now?

Well, I'm going. And I'm pretty sure it's going to be AWESOME. While I am looking forward to just about everything I know we will have our challenges. For me, that's going to be supporting my constant grazing habit. I needed to find a school safe snack (aka allergy safe) and, in case you haven't noticed, nuts are in just about every snack food and bar known to man-kind. After multiple trips to Whole Foods where I spent hours scrutinizing labels and inspecting manufacturing practices, I finally found a suitable snack. What I didn't expect was to like them so much that I wanted to spread the word!

Made Good (might not be available at all Whole Foods) Granola bites are allergy friendly and avoid using the eight major allergens. They are a bit pricey ($5/box) but worth it. They are available in three flavors: Chocolate Banana, Apple Cinnamon, and Strawberry. I've tried the first two and thought they were flavorful and satisfying. There are four packages to a box and multiple mini bites per bag. They even contain veggie powder to get in a serving of vegetables, which is so subtle that the pickiest eater wouldn't be able to discern the flavor.

I would highly recommend these granola bites if anyone is looking for a tasty allergy safe snack. It's not easy to make something taste edible when you take so much out but Made Good has done good. Until the next dish, ciao!