A Higher Standard of Eating

After a busy and delightful afternoon of beading my friend Christie and I were in need of nourishment in Norwalk, CT. Thankfully The Stand Juice Company was just around the corner and completely quiet on a mild winter Saturday. During the week you can tell that based on location and offerings this place gets busy; downtown, next to a yoga studio, and adorably rustic.

Since just about everything comes from their farm (Hideaway Farm) the options were not as varied as they might have been during the week but there were still plenty of choices. Christie got the Sammie From the Sea sandwich, which tightly packed sunflower seeds, cashew cheese, onions and seaweed into a refreshing lettuce wrap. I got a slow roasted chickpea mash with maple, carrots, and tamari, which was filling and earthy. I also couldn't help myself and had to splurge on the "Indulgent" shake of carob, banana, date, and almond butter. And what an indulgence it was! There was no sipping this with a straw or finishing it by me onesies. I had to enlist in Christie and spoon to finish off the decadent, vegan blend. 

The Stand is conveniently located in downtown Norwalk (also in Fairfield) right across from the Maritime Aquarium. I am so glad to see more organic, local, and eco-friendly choices in our area and would love one of these in Westchester. Next time I find myself beading or visiting the penguins and sting rays I know where I plan to snack! Until the next dish, ciao!